NAB 2014: Colorfront Express Dailies 2014 and On-Set Dailies 2014 have been announced at NAB.

The 2014 versions of the on-set dailies processing systems introduce Colorfront Engine, a new colour pipeline with a range of features - Master Looks, Look Blender, Camera Color, UltraScaler and Dynamic Enhancer - which users can deploy to grade and finesse 4K and UltraHD footage.

Additional camera formats supported include GPU-accelerated Red de-bayering, Sony SLog3 and SGamut3 colour spaces, Arri Alexa OpenGate 3.4K and 4K, Arri Amira colour processing, the new Canon Cinema Gamut, Panasonic VariCam 35, BMD CinemaDNG formats including 4K, accelerated ProRes including 4K formats, MagicLantern RAW and DSLR stills-cameras.

Express Dailies 2014 can now work with output resolutions up to 4K, and video output on QuadHD/4K displays, while multiple systems can be seamlessly integrated together as a workgroup using a shared database.

Colorfront has also announced support for the new MacPro workstation, with full OpenCL acceleration, and AJA’s Io4K and Kona4 cards.

Express Dailies and On-Set Dailies can also now both be used to create new deliverables with the latest Apple ProRes rendering, x264 encoder for H.264 encoding, and new High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) encoding and decoding.

Additional conform, metadata import and export, and powerful search functions make both programs easier and faster to use, the company said.

Key features of the new Transkoder options for On-Set Dailies 2014 include fully-accelerated Colorfront ‘G2K’ GPU-based JPEG2000 encoder/decoder, extreme DCP and IMF encoding/decoding performance and a fully-featured DCP and IMF authoring toolset.

Colorfront Express Dailies and On-Set Dailies 2014, including the new Transkoder option, will ship later this year.

In other news from NAB, the company said customers who have purchased Colorfront On-Set Dailies on Windows should update to the latest version for free, which includes Apple ProRes encoding.