BSkyB and Atlantic Productions’ joint venture Colossus Productions is to shoot a series of pilot 3D horror films which could lead to a feature-length commission.

Technical tests have already begun on the 5-10 minute shorts, with principal photography due to start in the next month.

It marks the indie’s first foray into scripted drama, though any commission would not necessarily come from Sky, according to Colossus creative director Anthony Geffen.

Previously, Atlantic and Colossus have sourced funding for 3D productions with Sky and IMAX for large screen distribution.

“We will shoot two to three pilots to test techniques and learn how to make the story work successfully in 3D,” Geffen said.

“Our feeling is that 3D can be used to enhance the thriller and suspense aspects and to help create the sense of another world, rather than being about blood and guts.”

Colossus has assigned writing and directing talent to the project working alongside its core 3D production crew.

“We understand 3D and we have drama writers and directors coming across to the medium who have only ever worked in 2D,” he added.

“It’s silly to write off 3D. Penetration [of 3D TVs] may not be as advanced as we hoped but there is still not a sufficient flow of content that will encourage people to buy 3D TVs or subscribe to 3D channels.”