Check out recently completed design work including new titles for Match of the Day.
Check out recently completed design work including new titles for Match of the Day.

Match of the day

Design company: Liquid TV
Client: BBC Sport
Brief: To design an ident for Match of the Dayand the more edgy Match of the Day 2.
How it was done: Conceived by Jo Kheir and directed by Victor Martinez at Liquid TV, it features players and fans in a virtual 360-degree environment. Multiple camera passes were used when filming and 2D tracking was done to remove all camera movement, retaining only the parallax shift. 3D elements were created in Maya and rendered in Mental Ray.
Watch It: MOTDfrom Saturday 11 August on BBC1 and MOTD2from Sunday 12 on BBC2.

That Antony Cotton Show

Design company: 3sixtymedia
Client: ITV1
Brief: Design the title sequence and content graphics for chat show That Antony Cotton Show. The intention was to draw on kitsch elements of the set.
How it was done: A sequence was created using simple flat colour elements. The narrative illustrates Antony's journey to the recording studio. The titles were designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects. The sequence was designed to complement the offbeat musical score.
Watch it: Monday 13 August at 5pm on ITV1.

Promo for BT Vision football

Design company: Addiction
Client: BT Vision
Brief: To create a promo sequence for
BT Vision's football offering.
How it was done: Addiction used a mixture of live action and animation. The camera tracks over a city landscape towards a football stadium. Animated colours revolve around the action, then fly out of the stadium to the BT Tower to create the logo. The titles were created by Simon Russell and Lucie Hackman, and the creative director was Paul Cackett.
Watch it: Saturday 11 August from 5.15pm across BT Vision.