Check out recently completed creative work including the grading on Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach.

Post house: Pepper
Client: Kudos

Brief: To grade the new ITV1 series Moving Wallpaper, set in the production office of soap opera Echo Beach, as well as Echo Beach itself.
How it was done: Aussie-style soap Echo Beach was shot in Cornwall. Digital Vision Film Master was used to give soft glows to skin tones and skies were made bluer. Moving Wallpaper was shot on Super 16 with a documentary-style look. It was graded on Pepper's Spirit with a Da Vinci 2K controller.
Watch it: Thursday 10 January at 9pm and 9.30pm on ITV1.

Keith Barry, The Escape - Live

Post house: Lip Sync Post
Client: Tiger Aspect

Brief: To introduce Keith Barry's one-off magic show, depicting Barry as a man of psychic power and mystery, in a fun and entertaining way.
How it was done: Title designer Julia Hall combined green-screen elements, 3D particles and effects in After Effects to reflect Barry's psychological talent. The show depicts Barry playing mind games and tricks with celebrities. The sequence starts by travelling into his “mind's eye”.
Watch it: 29 December at 9pm on ITV1.

Make Your Child Brilliant

Design company: Lee Dyer Design
Client: Electric Sky Productions

Brief: To design a graphics package for Make Your Child Brilliant that felt scientific but also warm and approachable.
How it was done: Lee Dyer designed the logo to reflect the programme expert's visual methodology for collating data on children. The opening features a studio shoot of the expert composited in front of a wall of children's faces. She then identifies gifted children by circling them. All the work was designed and created by Lee Dyer in CS3 and After Effects.
Watch it: 10 January at 9pm on Five.
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