Check out recently completed creative work including visual effects on the BBC's adaptation of Oliver Twist.

Oliver Twist

Post house: Big Buoy
Client: BBC

Brief: To create seamless visual effects for the BBC drama, directed by Coky Giedroyc.

How it was done: Big Buoy’s Flame operator Jim Allen created period London skylines to help identify locations for the viewer. For example, Allen composited St Paul’s Cathedral into a shot and created a crowd replication scene for Fagin’s hanging. Allen was involved in pre-production and attended the shoot. He said: “Being involved from the outset is always preferable, it is easier to manage budgets and to suggest small things that can aid the storyline.” St Anne’s worked on the online with grading at Screen Scene in Ireland.

Watch it: From Tuesday 18 December on BBC1 at 8pm.

UKTV Christmas idents

Agency: Red Bee Media
Client: UKTV

Brief: To create two new festive trails showcasing the breadth of UKTV’s nine-channel offering.
How it was done: The trails combine a classic Christmas scene, complete with a family making snow angels, with contemporary design. Red Bee Media creative director Kevin Hill used motion control with a 15ft turntable to recreate the scenes, incorporating elements from the nine-channel offering. The design was achieved through compositing colourful, three-dimensional snowflakes into the scene to create the feeling that the actors are within a snow dome.

Watch it: Currently on-air across all UKTV and Virgin Media channels.


Design company: JJ Stereo
Client: Pett Productions

Brief: Bob Mortimer, a writer on comedy show TittyBangBang, saw a Kaiser Chiefs advert created by JJ Stereo and asked the company to create a title sequence for the series that used the same animation style. The titles needed to express the show’s quickfire humour.

How it was done: JJ Stereo animated the title using just typography thereby allowing all of the screen time to be devoted to the title itself. The animation style aims to express the show’s fast-paced, occasionally violent, humour. The font style is rough and cell shaded to keep it looking lo-fi. The animation was created using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Watch it: Friday 21 December on BBC3 at 10.30pm.