Check out recently completed creative work including post production on a new series of The Mighty Boosh.


Post house: The Farm Group
Client: Baby Cow Productions

Brief: To post this cult British comedy.
How it was done: Barney Jordan used Avid’s version 8 DS Nitris to create complex effects including an inner body sequence where multiple images of Vince Noir’s head were composited onto a 3D environment as talking blood cells. This was created by Marc Reisbig from Passion Pictures. Colourist Perry Gibbs used Nucoda to create a vibrant
grade. The mix was completed by Nigel Edwards.
Watch it: BBC3, 15 November, 10.30pm


Post house: West Digital
Client: Juniper Communications

Brief: To grade this three-part series summarising Tony Blair’s time as prime minister.
How it was done: The programme was shot by different cameramen in many worldwide locations and on a variety of formats. All three parts were graded on the Avid DS Nitris by Peter Zacaroli, enabling digital rostrum shots to be handled with ease and efficiency. The grade involved meticulous balancing
and matching to achieve a high quality filmic look.
Watch it: BBC1, 18 November, 10.15pm


Post house: Concrete
Client: Discovery Networks

Brief: To create idents that promote the channel’s HDTV transmission.
How it was done: The idents were created to showcase high definition. The HD effects were created by Nicki Lang in Mistika. The idents feature everyday objects filmed close up. Items filmed include noodles and the inside of a toaster. Director Marco Ammannati created the typographic system for all the continuity material and this was then composited using Mistika.
Watch it: Currently airing on Discovery HD