Check out recently completed creative work including the title sequence for Katie and Peter: Unleashed

Katie and Peter: Unleashed

Facility: TLS Post Production Graphics
Client: ITV Entertainment
Brief: To create a full graphics package including a 15-second title sequence reflecting Katie and Peter’s personalities.
How it was done: A green-screen shoot provided footage of the couple interacting and on their own. Selected shots were taken into Fusion 5.2 to be treated, graded and stylised. They were then composited over an animated background of text, effects and transitions. The package was designed and produced by Nathan Pollard and Stuart Mackay.
Watch it: Friday nights on ITV2 at 9pm.

I’m a Celebrity... Get me out of here!

Facility: Smoke and Mirrors
Client: ITV Productions
Brief: To create a series of 10-second teasers, break bumpers, 30-second promos and a promo that announces the celebs’ names.
How it was done: The 10-second teasers show celebrities trying to attract attention via smoke signals, sun flares and fireworks. All scenes were made using high-res plates of the rainforest. They were designed and directed by Steven Qua and produced by Nayle Mehmet.
Watch it: The first teaser aired on Friday 26 October, with the show due to air in mid-November on ITV.


Post house: Pepper
Client: Mentorn for Channel 4
Brief: To post the two-part thriller about a British-born Muslim brother and sister. The aim was to produce a naturalistic feel while retaining the high colour of the costumes.
How it was done: DoP David Higgs shot on a mixture of Super 16mm Kodak and Fuji negative stock to extract the maximum “colourimetry” of scenes shot in the UK and Asia. Film material was transferred via wet gate C-Reality and graded on Pogle Platinum. Changing moods in the story are reflected in the grade.
Watch it: Wednesday 31 October on C4.