New characters and music designed as part of a promote the Olympic games in Beijing.

Design companies:
BBC sport marketing, retained agency RKCR, Red Bee Media, Zombie Flesheaters and Passion Pictures

To create a campaign for the Olympic Games based on the traditional Chinese folklore journey to the west.

How it was done:
The campaign features the characters of Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy and includes specially created animations and music from Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. Both worked with the BBC to adapt the characters' quest for enlightenment.

Artist/designer Jamie Hewlett said: "The idea is that you tell the entire story of Journey To The West in a two-minute opening sequence, which is basically them on their way to the Olympic stadium, the Birds' Nest stadium."

Red Bee Media produced the trails and title sequence with Zombie Flesheaters and Passion Pictures.

Watch it: A teaser will air across the BBC on 23 July