A new brand identity for the Blighty channel, formerly UKTV People, created by Red Bee Media.

Creative agency: Red Bee Media

Client: UKTV Entertainment

How it was done: The idents, called Chutney, Rain, Tea and Seaside, are visual mash-ups of live-action, still shots and 3D elements. The first step was to create a pre-viz in XSI. All live-action elements were then shot on HD using a Sony HDW-F900R camera.

Multiple passes were shot of each cast member performing different actions in varying positions and costumes. Objects were created using one of two techniques; multiple passes shot during a rostrum shoot and then comped directly into the final scene or objects were built in XSI using specially-photographed textures mapped onto the 3D model.

Scenes were edited in Avid, and kaleidoscope sequences were created using After Effects. Each of the idents was colour-balanced in Flame before receiving a final master grade in Spirit telecine.

The on-screen navigation system focussed on the dynamic properties of the Union flag and was entirely animated in After Effects. No filters or plug-ins were used to maintain a simple elegance.

Watch it: From 17 February 2009