Full programme packaging and logo design created by Rushes for the National TV Awards 2008.

Post House: Rushes

Production Company: Indigo TV

Client brief: To come up with a fresh twist for this year's design concept - dealing with the logo and the show's look and feel.

How it was done: Senior Rushes VFX creative, Roisin Dunstall was asked by Indigo Television for the fourth year running to work on the full programme and logo design for the show. Working closely with both the set designer Bill Laslett and Director of the show John L. Spencer, the team have been able to cross link all the visual stage FX and on screen graphics throughout the show, which is held at The Royal Albert Hall.

Dunstall said: “It is this detail to design and use of technology, which brings the whole show together with total flair and glamour. Quite simply, they are fabulous.”

Selected credits:

Production Company exec producer: Kim Turberville
Production Company producer: Andy Bates
Show director: John L. Spencer
Set designer: Bill Laslett
VFX creative: Roisin Dunstall
After Effects & Cinema 4D: Brad Le Riche
Rushes producers: Emma Watterson

Watch it: Wednesday 29 October on ITV