200 visual effects shots completed by Rushes for a 60-minute BBC3 drama.

Post House: Rushes

Client: BBC Scotland and creative director Jamie Hewlett

Brief: To create 200 individual effects shots Phoo Action, an action-packed drama that follows an unruly teenage anarchist and a martial arts cop as they try to stop the mutant criminals that have taken over London.

How it was done: Effects ranged from the blinking of a character's eyes - which were hand animated and tracked in Rushes' 3D department - through to the car driving sequences through London that were shot on green screen and required rotoscoping, compositing and design work.

The team: The producer for Rushes was Anthony McCaffery. Telecine was done by Adrian Seery. The vfx team included Marcus Wood (Lead Flame), Leo Weston, Matt Jackson, Omar Akkari, Richard White, Rufus Blackwell. Joe Dymond and Anthony Laranjo did the Combustion work while 3D animation was completed by Lee Tibbetts and Alex Jenyon. The After Effects artist was Matt Lawrence. Film editing was done by Matthew Tabern.

Watch it: BBC3, 21:00, 12 February 2008.