Thomson Grass Valley has sold a pair of Kayak HD switchers to outside broadcast company CTV.

One of the switchers (aka vision mixers) will be used within a small unit that has been converted from SD to HD. The second will be used in a truck providing Sky's golf coverage. The deal is worth£225,000.

The Kayak 2 mix/effects switcher has 48 inputs, 24 outputs and a four channel DV integral transform engine.

CTV technical director Hamish Grieg said: “We chose the model for its compact design and powerful technical capability, space is a premium in both instances.”

The converted truck will embark on its first job next week, while the truck managing the golf will start work at the end of March when the golf moves to HD production.

CTV is based in London and provides outside broadcast services to producers and broadcasters including BBC, Sky and Endemol.