NAB 2016: Object Matrix has developed a new search tool for use with its MatrixStore nearline storage and archive system.


Called Vision, the interface allows users to examine and enhance any metadata that is attached to archived content and then search, preview and share assets using a web browser.

Vision is AS-11-compatible and can read metadata added during ingest as well as metadata extracted from the assets themselves.

Jonathan Morgan, the chief executive of Object Matrix, said: “In this internet age, where data is searchable and instantly available, people quite rightly expect integrated solutions that allow data to be accessed and shared from their web-browser. We’ve pulled together the metadata from the assets stored - including AS11 metadata, key media metadata, user metadata, third party application metadata and generated proxies - to provide an incredibly powerful interface to search and preview your assets.”

Vision is available in three configurations - ranging in price from £1,995 to £2,495 - and can be delivered as an appliance or in a virtual machine.

Vision G includes integrated proxy generation powered by Glookast while Vision + allows proxy generation provided by third party applications.