Mobile links specialist Dejero has allied with ExpertFile, a search engine and content platform, to counter so-called fake news.

ExpertFile is described as a “unique international resource for identifying subject matter experts”. Its directory of contacts, covering over 25,000 topics is now accessible from Dejero’s LIVE+ Control management system from a web browser within the newsroom or in the field.

“We’re seeing an exponential increase in the amount of video created and used by local and national news outlets around the world. In this era of fake news, there has never been a more critical need in broadcast news for credible sources,” explained Peter Evans, founder and chief executive of ExpertFile.

“ExpertFile and Dejero’s partnership provides an important content distribution channel making it easier for journalists to pursue compelling, timely news stories by connecting them to those credible, broadcast-ready experts.”

The company is also previewing its new the EnGo Vehicle Mount Kit which allows the LIVE+ mobile transmitter to be mounted inside a vehicle and connected to a roof-mounted high-gain antenna to enhance connections while driving.

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