California-based VFX company Digital Domain has partnered with India’s Reliance MediaWorks to launch VFX and stereo 3D post production studios in London and Mumbai.

Under the agreement Digital Domain will co-locate a visual effects team at Reliance MediaWorks’ Poland Street base.

Together with a studio in Mumbai, the London facility will be connected to Digital Domain’s Los Angeles base through Reliance Media Works’ fibre optic network.

Reliance said that a team of 400 VFX and 250 3D conversion artists will be available for Digital Domain’s film, TV and commercial projects in Mumbai and London, with work to begin from next month.

Digital Domain Productions chief executive Cliff Plumer said: “Filmmaking has become a global enterprise, and a partnership with Reliance MediaWorks will allow our clients to realise the benefits of a digital production pipeline that makes efficient use of resources and talent located around the world.

“By expanding Digital Domain’s presence worldwide, we are able to further strengthen our business capabilities in California and abroad.”

Reliance MediaWorks gained a UK presence when it bought the assets of Soho film processing company iLab in January last year.