DK-Technologies has adapted its PTO700 audio and video meters and waveform monitors so that they comply with both the ITU’s and the EBU’s loudness specifications.

The move follows the publication of EBU R128, the EBU’s Loudness Recommendation at IBC which specifies loudness normalisation and permitted maximum level of audio signals.

The recommendations were put together by the EBU’s PLOUD group.

Richard Kelley, sales and marketing director of DK-technologies, which was among a number of manufacturers contributing to PLOUD, said: “All of our PTO700 family of audio meters have been ITU compliant for some time, therefore incorporating the new EBU Mode was relatively straightforward because we had already anticipated the conclusions the PLOUD Group would come to.

“We have always believed that the best way to deal with the Loudness issue is to simplify it and allow audio engineers to literally see what they hear.

“Our software already incorporates 400Hz and 1kHz reference frequencies and our meter displays show ITU and EBU Loudness scales in a clear and easy to read format, while still showing any of the usual DK metering scales.”

New customers will automatically have both ITU and EBU specifications included in their DK products. Existing customers are being offered a free software upgrade.

DK Technologies equipment is used by, amongst others, Channel 4 Red Bee Media, Independent Media Distribution (IMD) and Grand Central Studios.