Dock10 has taken delivery of a batch of new Sony cameras and Canon lenses.

The MediaCityUK-based facilities firm has added seven Sony HDC-2500 camera channels (pictured) and ten Canon lenses – a mixture of XJ27s, HJ22s and HJ14s.

Dock10 head of technology operations John O’Shaughnessy said: “We chose the Sony cameras firstly because they are industry standard, and also because we already have 13 Sony cameras.

“We have a huge turnover of studio use, often on a daily basis, so it is beneficial to be able to interchange the cameras easily between studios and productions, and that flexibility allows us to get the best use out of the kit.

“We now have a variety of lenses for different types of production, and they complement our existing stock of Canon lenses.

“All our ancillary equipment matches, and we can also use any lens on any camera.”

The cameras and lenses were bought with finance provided by Fineline Media Finance from reseller CVP.