Soho-based VFX firm Double Negative (Dneg) has launched a TV division.

Former Rushes head of film and TV and VFX supervisor Jonathan Privett, whose credits include Broadchurch (pictured), Lightfields and Death in Paradise will lead the division.

He will be joined by two of his former Rushes colleagues, VFX producer Louise Hussey and VFX supervisor Hayden Jones.

Their first project for Dneg TV will be Ridley Scott’s The Vatican for Showtime.

Double Negative managing director Alex Hope said: “As the leading film VFX house in Europe this is a brand new and exciting venture for us and we’re delighted to welcome the team to Dneg.”

Last month, The Mill announced it would close its TV-focused VFX department owing to “volatile trends”, but Hope said he felt it was the “perfect time” to launch Dneg TV.

“Television drama continues to break new ground and offer fantastic creative challenges and the government’s recent instigation of 25% tax breaks to encourage additional US and UK inward investment into high end TV drama, means that it is the perfect time to launch Dneg TV.”

Privett added: “Our focus will be solely on TV and we will be applying and leveraging the technologies and talent from Dneg in a way that makes it appropriate for TV VFX time frames and budgets.

“It’s an exciting time for TV VFX and we’re very much looking forward to setting up in our new home at Dneg’.

Double Negative has picked up Visual Effects Society awards for films such as Inception and Sherlock Holmes and won BAFTA awards for Inception and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and an Academy Award for Inception.