Downton Abbey scooped two awards at the Promax Awards for best drama promo and best use of music, while Red Bee Media picked up channel of the year for its work with CBBC.

ITV’s costume drama, which bowed out earlier this month with a peak of 10m viewers, saw its promotional trailer produced by ITV Creative’s Paul Quinn collect gold in the clips category. It also won silver for best use of music for its cover of Every Breath You Take by Scala and Kolacny Brothers.

Along with channel of the year, Red Bee Media walked away with a further 12 awards including best originated children’s promo for CBBC’s Horrible Histories, best use of sound design for BBC1 drama The Silence and best TV campaign promo for Eastenders’ 25th anniversary.

Mandy Combes, Red Bee Media’s business director was awarded the outstanding achievement prize.

Sky was handed best entertainment clip-based promo for its launch of Pineapple Dance Studios and best long form promo for Got To Dance, as two of its 10 awards.

4 Creative picked up best originated drama promo for This Is England 86, along with best entertainment promo originated for The Inbetweeners.

See below for a complete list of winners.


Promax UK 2010 Award Winners2010 Promax/BDA Awards - sponsored by Envy




Best Drama Promo - Originated

4Creative                                       This Is England 86 - Moshpit

Five (RTL)                                      The Drama Continues

Red Bee Media                               Eastenders 25th - Kat and Alfie High Noon


Best Drama Promo - Clip-Based

ITV Creative                                   Downton Abbey

Red Bee Media                              The Silence

4Creative                                        Mo


Best Entertainment Promo - Originated

4Creative - E4                                 The Inbetweeners 3 Launch

BSkyB                                            A League of Their Own Launch

4Creative                                         Alternative Election


Best Entertainment Promo - Clip-Based

BSkyB                                            Pineapple Studios Launch

Comedy Central                              Girls United - Goal!

Comedy Central                              Scrubs Return


Best Factual / News and Current Affairs Promo - Originated

BBC/RKCR/Red Bee Media/Y&R         School Season - BBC 2

Red Bee Media                               Corridors of Power - BBC 4

RKCR/Y&R                                   Riot


Best Factual / News and Current Affairs Promo - Clip-Based

Discovery Networks UK                Bear Grylls

Discovery Networks UK                Deadliest Catch

4Creative- More4                            True Stories Generic


Best Film Promo - sponsored by Non Stop Music

4Creative- Film4                                      Frightfest Continues

4Creative- Film4 Film4’s                 Incredibles Season

Film1 On Air                                   Film1 in December


Best Sports Promo - Originated

S4C                                                 Umpires Haka

Sky Sports BSkyB                          Park Game

RKCR/Y&R                                   Winter Olympics


Best Sports Promo - Clip-Based

BBC Cymru Wales                         6 Nations - Wales v Scotland

Eurosport                                        Moto GP 2010 Launch

BBC Scotland                                 The Great Climb


Best Children’s Promo - Originated

Red Bee Media                               CBBC Horrible Histories

Red Bee Media                               Sarah Jane Adventures - CBBC

Nickelodeon                                    iSPONGE


Best Children’s Promo - Clip-Based

Turner Broadcasting                       Pokemon Advanced Challenge

The Walt Disney Company Ltd      Kicks Possible Dream

Film1 On Air Say Aaah


Best Leisure & Lifestyle Promo

4Creative                                         Ramsay’s Best Restaurant - Crying

Discovery Networks UK                Wife Swap

Red Bee Media                               Young Butcher of the Year


Best Themed Promo

Five (RTL)                                               Hardman Heroes Film Season

4Creative- Film4                                      Love The 80s

4Creative- Film4                                      Frightfest Launch Trail


Best Design

Creative Nuts                                  Sex And The City Season - Comedy Central

4Creative - E4                                 Skins 4 Launch Mash Up

Beautiful TV                                   Crime & Punishment


Best Typography

BSkyB                                            999 Audio Description

4Creative                                         The Family, Season 2

4Creative-Film4                              War Season


Best Script/Copywriter

Chello Creative                               The Curious Case of The On Demand Button

4Creative-E4                                   EPad

BSkyB                                            999 Bedtime Stories


Best Use of Sound Design - sponsored by KPM Musichouse

Red Bee Media                               The Silence - BBC One

Discovery Networks UK                Bear Grylls

4Creative-Film4                              Action Season


Best Use of Music - sponsored by Universal Music

Five (RTL)                                               Don’t Stop Believing

ITV Creative                                   Downton Abbey

4Creative- Film4                                      Frightfest Continues


Best Editor - sponsored by Quantel

Film1 On Air                                   March with Us!

TNT Network                                 TNT Comedy - Sound

4Creative-Film4                              Action Season


Best Director

Red Bee Media                               Horrible Histories - CBBC

RKCR/Y&R                                   Winter Olympics

Red Bee Media                               Common Wealth Games - BBC


Best Use of Humour

Red Bee Media                               Top Gear - BBC 2

4Creative-E4                                   EPad

4Creative-E4                                   E4 Airways


Best Radio Promo

BBC Scotland                                 Black Watch, 3 Scots: A War in Their Own Words

BSkyB                                            The Book Show - Hay

BBC Radio/RKCR /Y&R              The General Election on the BBC


Something for Nothing

Film1 On Air                                   What is this?

Red Bee Media                               Top Gear - BBC 2

Red Bee Media                               BBC One Boat Race


Best Newcomer - sponsored by Repertoire Music

Discovery Networks UK                Callum Parish - Designer

Living TV Group                                     David Marshall

Living TV Group                                     Simon Matthews


Best Print and Poster

Channel 4                                        Race and Science

TV 2 Networks                               True Blood

Channel 4                                        Big Brother - R.I.P.


Press / Public Relations Campaign

Fox Creative                                   Dexter Press pack

Fox Creative                                   Great Migration press pack

Discovery Networks UK                Stephen Hawking’s Universe


Best Use of Photography

Channel 4                                        Race and Science

BBC Red Bee Media                      Boat Race

Living TV Group                                     Most Haunted Live: The Silent Town


Best Cross-Media Campaign

BSkyB / Brothers & Sisters            Going Postal

Red Bee Media                               Horrible Histories

BSkyB                                            Rankin


Best Launch

ITV Creative                                   Ant and Dec ITV1 HD

RKCR/Y&R                                   Winter Olympics

RKRC /Y&R                                  Education


Best Sponsor’s Credits


4Creative                                         Sainsbury’s sponsors the Paralympics

BSkyB                                            Sure for Men


Best Ident /Branding Device

Cartoon Network                            Cartoon Network Meindbenders

4Creative-Film4                              Films Worth Talking About 2010

4Creative-E4                                   E4 Christmas Idents


Best Foreign Language

TV 2 Denmark                                2010 FIFA World Cup. 5 million people - 1 goal

BDA Creative                                 Indiana Jones Christmas, Canal +

BDA Creative                                 True Stories, NBC Universal


Best Long Form

BSkyB                                            Got to Dance

Fox Creative                                   Edinburgh Sizzle

Red Bee Media                               Being Human-HD Channel


Best Television Campaign - Promo

Red Bee Media                               EastEnders - 25 years

Discovery Networks UK                Deadliest Catch

Red Bee Media                               EastEnders - Peggy Leaving


Best Television Campaign - Design

MTV World Design Studio            MTV Dance

Film1 On Air                                   10 days of the Oscars

MTV World Design Studio            MTV1 International Rebrand


Best Television Campaign - Channel

Sky Sports BSkyB                          They Know about Sport

Red Bee Media HD Hunter            Shaun the Sheep, Being Human

BT Vision                                        Call Me Campaign


Most Effective Promo or Campaign

Living TV Group                                     Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Syfy - Universal Networks             International V on syfy

Fox Creative                                   True Blood 2 Launch


Best Direct Response Promo

BSkyB                                            999 Bedtime Stories

Red Bee Media                               Sport  Relief

BSkyB                                            24 HD Explosion


Best Website or Interactive Promo

RKCR/Y&R                                   Weather

BBC/Red Bee Media                      Doctor Who Adventure Game

BT Vision                                        The Green Room


Best Interactive Marketing

Living TV Group                                     Supernatural

Red Bee Media                               Horrible Histories - CBBC

RKCR/Y&R                                   World Cup Team Tracker


Best Use of Social Media

Red Bee Media                               Eastenders 25th

TV 2 Denmark                                FIFA World Cup. Paint Facebook red and white

Living TV Group                                     Britain’s Next Top Model


Best Viral, Widget or Application

Fox Creative                                  Family Guy Viral

Red Bee Media                              Horrible Histories - CBBC

Turner Broadcasting                       Ben 10 Final Face-Off Website


Channel of the Year - sponsored by Deep East Music

CBBC/Red Bee Media                   CBBC

Sky Arts                                       Sky Arts

Channel 4/4Creative                       Channel 4


Promax UK 2010 Student Awards

Callum O’Reilly

Reuben Armstrong


Outstanding Contribution Award

Mandy Combes, Red Bee Media