The Digital TV Group’s (DTG) latest technical specifications for Freeview include a backwards EPG and navigation from the programme guide to the web.

Also included in the trade body’s updated D-Book – the technical specification for the UK’s Freeview platforms and connected TV – is a section on remote booking that will allow TV viewers to set recordings or reminders from a website or app.

There will also be “enhancements” to the current Broadcast Record Lists feature and clearer reference of the ETSI MHEG specification, which the DTG said would help to drive international harmonisation.

The DTG said it would begin development work on second screen and home networking in the next few months.

DTG director general Richard Lindsay-Davies said: “The Digital TV Group has balanced UK business requirements and high consumer expectations with the increasing demands of globalisation and business complexity to deliver another world leading digital television standard for Freeview.”

The latest technical specification enhancements for Freeview and Freeview HD build on the current edition of the D-Book (D-Book 7), which was published in 2011.

The 2012 D-Book will be published on 31 March.

DTG technology director and editor of the D-Book Simon Gauntlett will discuss the updates at the DTG’s annual summit, which takes place on Friday 2 March in London.