Manchester post facility Edit 19 has invested £50,000 as part of a push to secure long-form broadcast work.

The post house has taken on another fl oor at its Quay Street base and invested in two Da Vinci Resolve and Smoke workstations, together with an additional LTO archiving appliance and another 24TB of near-line storage.

“We mainly deal with commercials at the moment but we’re looking to expand into TV,” said facility manager Chris Baker.

“This is a response to the increasing number of TV production companies in Manchester now.”

The facility has a grading suite that is linked to Soho post house Smoke and Mirrors, which Baker said could also help to entice broadcast customers to the Quay Street facility.

“Soho colourists are always in demand and [Smoke and Mirrors] can leverage the fact that artists can work in Manchester.”