A 3D rig for Red Epic cameras

What is it? A 3D rig for Red Epic cameras that ships to the UK later this month.

What does it do? Designed specifically for Red’s Epic camera, it can accommodate full-sized PL and PV prime lenses as well as smaller zoom lenses, such as the Angenieux Optimo 16-42mm or 30-80mm.

With a bare weight of 5.8kg, the magnesium Atom model, rigged with a pair of Red Epics, provides a full 5K-3D beam splitter system weighing 16.3kg. It provides full interocular and convergence control, and allows recording of interocular, convergence and lens metadata.

The basic aluminium Atom 3D rig system starts at $64,000 (£40,000).

How do I find out more? www.technica3d.com/3D-rigs/atom.php