London-based playout facility Encompass is rolling out technology to automatically cut the length of programmes.

The Dynamic Video Time Management system from Prime Image drops frames in order to cut the length of a programme by up to 8%.

The process can be done in post production or in real time as the programme is being transmitted.

Encompass UK managing director Ian Whitfield said the reaction from programme makers could be mixed.

He said: “Some might say it will help to maintain the story line if it does away with the need to cut sections of a programme. But others might say reducing it by 8% changes the mood and feel of show - that’s why we want to put in environment where people can see it in action and make judgements.

The technology will be trialed in the UK on Information TV from November, as well as being rolled out at Encompass’ US and Singapore facilities.

Encompass president and chief operating officer Bill Tillson said: “With Dynamic Video Time Management, we will offer our clients a more flexible, efficient and cost effective way to frame accurately address their program workflow, program formats and clock management to meet the different market requirements around the world.”