Encore has completed an overhaul of its sound department.

The investment includes the upgrading of all of the Soho facility’s Pro Tools systems to HDX2 and Pro Tools 11 software along with a compete refurbishment of two of two of its five studios.

Studios 2 and 3 have Scrub-supplied Avid S6 consoles housed in AKA furniture.

Head of sound David Old said: “The combination of Pro Tools 11 and HDX2 is like having a turbo-charged V12 engine under the bonnet which is little more than ticking over most of the time.”

Racks of outboard gear that is no longer required have been removed and “substantial structural alterations” have been made to the rooms.

Director of operations Johnny Whitehead added: “We are really excited about the addition of the Avid S6 consoles as they effectively redefine the mixing desk.

“They are incredibly ergonomic and enable the mixer to work in a highly efficient and intelligent fashion which will ultimately help us deliver outstanding mixes”.