Endemol is using web-based editing and logging tools from Forbidden Technologies to speed up production on two of its factual shows.

Forscene technology is currently being used by a team from Cheetah Television on series two of The Sex Education Show for Channel 4 and was used last year by Initial for Living's Rehab.

Working in this way sees rushes uploaded to Forbidden's servers and access provided via a web-browser. This enables production teams based anywhere in the world to monitor and log footage and do rough cut edits during location shoots.

Endemol production executive Susan King said the web-based workflow had been a real eye opener on Rehab.

“With filming in LA, our UK-based producer saved many hours of travelling by providing editorial input via Forscene throughout the actual filming period,” she said.

“We had no need to produce multiple DVD copies for edit preparation by the producer/directors. And by accessing shared rushes via the internet at any time we had a more flexible workflow. Our producers picked it up quickly.”

On Rehab, producers reviewed content as it was uploaded, while UK-based staff logged and selected shots using the Forscene video, which has timecode built in. The full resolution video was then brought back with the crew.

For the online, AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) projects were taken from Forscene into Avid systems housed at post facility Crow TV.

The Sex Education Show, which examines sexual issues and problems and offers frank advice and solutions, will return to C4 later this year.

Rehab, currently airing on Living, charts the journeys of fallen stars as they prepare to combat their destructive addictions.