Envy is to launch an archive service for the storage of file-based master versions of programmes.


From next month, the service known as Envy Store will include storage of files in the DNX185X codec, along with embedded final audio, as well as the delivery file, audio stems, QC reports and a viewable proxy. Four copies will be kept for an initial three years.

Envy will also offer clients remote access to a database of streaming proxies, which will become the front-end to the master archive service.

Envy head of operations Jai Cave said: “Having a long-term archive strategy for masters in a file-based delivery environment is something every production company should be thinking about, and we can help with that process.

“We decided upon DNX185X as the high-quality master file because in an Avid finishing environment, this can be made without any quality loss, but still allows production companies to view it themselves. Clients can then repurpose this master in any way they want.”