Euro Media Group, the parent company of outside broadcast firm CTV, has bought specialist camera supplier Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) for an undisclosed fee.

The privately owned British firm designs and supplies railcams, wirecams, tracking vehicles and underwater and helicopter camera systems for film and television.

It will become an autonomous member of the Euro Media Group and the current ACS management and 40 staff will be retained.

ACS managing director Phillip Beckett said: “This move brings exciting opportunities to ACS, as well as enabling continued growth and development.”

Euro Media Group hopes the acquisition will allow ACS to expand its current operations and provide new, specialist services to customers.

Former ACS executive chairman Susie Allwork, whose husband Matthew was managing director of ACS when he died in a helicopter accident in 2003, said: “Matthew would have been enormously proud of the company ACS has
become, and it’s thanks to the fantastic team here that I know we will make a significant contribution to the Euro Media Group”

ACS credits include C4 racing, Premier League football for Sky and the BBC, Britain’s Got Talent and T4 On The Beach.