Remote production will be a key focus for Evertz at NAB as it introduces two new media gateway platforms for IP transport.

The evRemote (pictured) and 3606 are designed to allow remote production capability to be added to venues, rental spaces and OB trucks.

The evRemote provides 120Gbps switching capability along with up to twelve JPEG2000 encoders and decoders plus support for various signal types including MADI, GPIO, Serial Data, and Ethernet. 

In addition to its various signal aggregation duties, evRemote also features dual 10GbE redundant links with integrated link testing, an optional integrated multiviewer for on-site monitoring, and a built-in test signal generator. 

The 3606 enables simultaneous dark fibre and 1/10/25/40/100GbE IP transport and is signal agnostic.

As well as transport, the 3606 can route between inputs and outputs using a built-in 80x8012G-SDI router.

Also at NAB, Everz will introduce the 570ITXE as a Universal On-ramp IP Gateway. The 570ITXE is a converged platform for receiving/decoding, normalising and encoding uncompressed and compressed streams coming into a facility.

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