Evolutions Television has spent£175,000 on high-end HD kit.
Evolutions Television has spent £175,000 on high-end HD kit.

The Charlotte Street facility has installed a Smoke 6 HD and a Flame (version 8.5) to meet what it feels is a growing demand for high-definition work.

The investment is a logical step for Evolutions, which has been trying to attract new clients in the shortform areas of broadcast and commercials - areas it is not traditionally known to specialise in.

The Smoke and Flame systems have been used on the trails for Five's America's Finest , which was a high-definition project, as well as on title sequences for John Lydon's Megabugs for the Discovery Channel.

In-house editors at Evolutions requested the systems. Discreet reseller XTFX supplied the systems and will also act to support the kit.