A new agency made up of ex-special ops are to use BVE to promote its unique one-stop shop production service.

Identified by its life-size special-forces mannequin, Reaching 4 Star’s booth and its strapping array of ex-soldier members will be promoting a unique, one-stop shop production service.

The first-time exhibitor is an agency hoping to attract producers looking for highly trained and experienced soldiers to act as specialist extras, or productions that need military advice or training for actors and supporting cast. 

The fledgling agency is the brainchild of Mark Cowan, a former Company Sergeant Major in the Royal Marines who claims that his database of ex-military types are there to add an authenticity sometimes lacking in military and action-based dramas.

“Whether its soldiers or assassins you’re after, our guys don’t just look the part, they know how to move with the weapons,” he said.

Cowan added that action-based productions would also do well to use some of the agency members’ specialist skills, such as boat driving and mountain leading.

Recent work carried out by Reaching 4 Stars includes providing extras, military advice and helicopter support for the production of Sony Playstation3’s MAG game.

The company also provided military expertise and training for actors on the forthcoming London-based post-apocalyptic action flick, The Last Seven.

One of the film’s co-producers Martin J Thomas – chief executive of Goliath productions – is set to talk about his work with the agency on Tuesday 16 February between 2pm and 3pm on stand O39.

The company also offers on set co-ordinators, hostile environment training for film and TV crews and VIP close security at celebrity parties andaward ceremonies.