An increase in the use of celluloid film for acquisition in the movie industry has prompted Kodak and Pinewood Studios to open a film negative processing lab.

Kodak has signed a 5-year lease on part of the Ken Adam Building at Pinewood Studios that will become the home for the lab. The two parties will also work together on co-branding initiatives and promotions.

Steven Overman, president of Kodak’s Consumer and Film division, said. “This collaboration with Pinewood will ensure that we can continue providing high quality processing in one of the world’s most vibrant markets.”

The Pinewood Group currently has a Digital Dailies operation within its established post-production division. 

Darren Woolfson, group director of technology for Pinewood added: “This move signifies our support for the continued ability of filmmakers to choose to shoot their films on physical film in the UK.”

Kodak recently acquired a film-processing lab in Atlanta, where film is being processed for The Walking Dead and other major film and television productions.

Kodak also built a new film lab in New York.