Bristol-based post house Films @59 has purchased a second Digital Vision Film Master colour grading system.

The facility will use the Film Master for picture enhancement as well as grading.

Colourist Tony Osborne said: "The Film Master is really blurring the boundaries between what you would traditionally consider to be an online task and what you would consider to be a grading task.”

He added: “The Digital Vision noise reduction algorithms, for example, are a huge time-saving benefit because you don't have to do the grade then a separate noise-reduction pass somewhere else in the facility. When using the Film Master we try to shuffle our client's time to favour the grade over the online on the basis that we can do more with the grading time that we have.”

“The system also features film restoration tools which enable dirty, blemished or scratched film shots to be repaired. This is especially important to many natural history productions which use film whether archived or contemporary.”

In addition, both Osborne and post production manager George Panayiotou highlight the Resize tool as one of the system's key features.

”Because of the Resize tool you can bring SD material in and up convert it, for instance,” said Panayiotou. “You can create all your deliverables out of the system for example you can create a 4:3 pan and scan version.”

The company has used the Film Master for projects including Oz and James' Big Wine Adventure.