Quantel has appointed Roland Brown as a non-executive director of the company.

Most recently director of engineering at The Moving Picture Company, Brown will “help Quantel to identify and harness the emerging technologies that hold the potential to change the face of content creation and delivery over the next handful of years.”

Brown has previously worked at Intertel VTR Services (Europe's first facility company), Lion Television, Video RSA South Africa and then MPC.

“We are at another tipping point for the industry, one where tools will become natural to the user and the technology will fade into the background where it belongs,” said Brown.

“We used to have to all be engineers to make film and television, but it's the craft skills - and empowering those skills - that will dominate the next phase of development in the industry.”

“I've always admired [Quantel's] approach and the emphasis on giving artists ergonomic tools that help them fully exploit their talents. And with the talent I see in Quantel's R&D department and my breadth of experience, I hope we can further accelerate evolution in that field.”

Brown was involved with the first satellite transmission from the UK. He also worked on Queen's seminal music video for Bohemian Rhapsody.