Forbidden has launched an iOS app for reviewing and approving content edited with its Forscene web-based editing platform.

Editors working in Forscene can drag their finished sequences to a dedicated button to make their edit available for viewing. 

The app then alerts reviewers and makes the sequence available for them to play, scrub through, comment on and approve or reject from their Apple device.

Content for review is only available to Forscene account holders with access to the relevant project.

Forbidden said it is an “ideal” review tool for producers and other executives without hands-on editing skills because the app has a custom UI (user interface) design which means reviewers don’t need to be familiar with the regular Forscene interface.

Virtual Ingest Server

The Wimbledon-based company has also launched a new UI for its Forscene Virtual Ingest Server running on Mac. 

Forscene’s Virtual Ingest Server was first introduced at NAB earlier this year and provides an alternative to traditional hardware-based ingest workflows by running Forscene’s ingest software on a virtual machine on the user’s laptop or computer. 

The new UI and automated setup for Mac users aims to simplify and speed up the setup process making it easier for data wranglers on location to automatically create and upload proxies to the Forscene cloud.

Forbidden chief executive Aziz Musa said: “These new developments will make it even easier for teams across the globe to create fantastic content without complicated tech getting in the way.”