High definition viewing is continuing to climb as 1.2 million people have bought a Freeview HD TV and box since their launch nine months ago.

Freeview estimates that 642,000 homes are watching via Freeview HD, boosted by a 378% rise in week-on-week sales in the week after Christmas.

During December sales of the Freeview+HD recording boxes outsold HD boxes by two to one.

Coverage is also being extended with 98.5% of the country able to receive a Freeview HD signal by the end of next year.

Ilse Howling, managing director of Freeview, said the format was becoming mainstream.

“Having high definition is becoming the standard when considering what type of equipment to buy,” said Howling. 

“As Freeview HD continues to roll out to new areas of the UK this year, it’s exciting that Freeview can meet this need by offering quality HD channels without a subscription.”