Gearhouse Broadcast has completed the build on a new high definition production truck for O21 Television.

The Unit 6 production truck was built to offer two units in one truck and can be used either as a medium sized production unit or a large HD VT unit.

The ASGB custom built single expanding trailer has capacity for 23 production crew.

As a tape truck its VTR area houses up to 15 HD EVSs (each with six channels). 40 17" Vutrix LCD HD quad split monitors provide 160 screens. And it seats 17 operators on VTR co-ordinator positions.

As a production truck 14 vutrix quad split monitors provide 56 screens. A Thomson Grass Valley Kayak 2.5 ME vision mixer offers 40 inputs and 24 outputs with seating for seven.

The unit has its own stand alone edit area which seats three people and provides access to all EVS clips on Hub when using Clean Edit with other edits available on request.

The audio room comprises a Calrec Omega audio desk fully 5.1 capable with a Probel 128 x 128 AES audio router and a Reidel 64 x 64 talkback system.

Gearhouse Broadcast is an international broadcast services company. It provides equipment sales and rental, systems integration and project management.

021 Television is an outside broadcast provider specialising in sport and entertainment.

Both 021 and Gearhouse Broadcast are owned by the Gravity Media Group