Gearhouse Broadcast is providing Sky Sports with a flyaway production set-up for its Formula 1 coverage.

The bespoke system is made up of four pods which connect with Sky Sports’ on-site production facilities.

Distribution, routing and camera control equipment is installed in the MCR pod, while the EVS, Avid and SAN storage is housed in a server pod.

Another area houses the 5.1 audio control room, while the fourth is dedicated to storage.

“Sky Sports is giving Formula 1 viewers a depth of coverage never offered before, so it’s vital that our production infrastructure meets the huge demands placed on it across an entire race calendar,” said Sky Sports director of operations Keith Lane.

“This is the third year that we’ve used Gearhouse Broadcast’s flyaway pods, so our production team now know them well and can concentrate on the coverage that we’re delivering, rather than worrying about the facilities.”

Equipment supplied by Gearhouse includes EVS XT3 servers, Harris glue, a Pro-Bel router, a Grass Valley Karrera HD vision mixer, a Lawo MC 56 audio console, Riedel communications system, Panasonic 3100 cameras and Fujinon lenses.

Gearhouse Broadcast chief operating officer Kevin Moorhouse added: “With all races being broadcast in HD and 5.1 audio, Sky Sports require a solid and dependable production facility at each circuit.

“Our flyaway pods deliver the necessary high specification facility that ensures Formula 1 fans get the viewing experience that the sport warrants.”