Including Tom Daley: Illegal To Be Me, Lovestruck High, Tell Me Everything and The Responder

Tom Daley illegal to be me (1)

Tom Daley: Illegal To Be Me, BBC1

Producer Fozia Nasir on the challenge of finding terrified LGBT+ athletes to talk on camera, even if their identity was concealed


Lovestruck High - Assembly

Lovestruck High: Creating an American high school in Devon

Studio Lambert pays homage to classic US high-school movies in its new reality dating format for Amazon Prime Video


Louis Theroux Judi Dench

Louis Theroux Interviews, BBC iPlayer

Executive producer Arron Fellows on creating a fresh approach to interviews, while capturing every moment


Starstruck ITV

Starstruck, ITV

Cat Lawson rises to the challenge of producing a feelgood show for Saturday night



ITVX bids for youth audience with Tell Me Everything

Behind the scenes on Noho Film & Television’s coming-of-age drama, which balances comedy with mental health and social media


The Responder. Pic credit - BBC; Dancing Ledge Productions; Rekha Gartron

The Responder: crime drama gets a dose of reality

Creator Tony Schumacher and star Martin Freeman talk about reflecting real life with a mix of dark moments and humour


Medium_72644_1_S1_Ep1_The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge S1 Ep1-7

The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge, More 4

Bringing this tiny world to life has been no small feat, but the result is one of which I couldn’t be prouder, says Sarah Stevenson


Primark How Do They Do It__DSC04878_ReferenceImage_m40452

Primark – How Do They Really Do it?, Channel 5

Firecrest’s executive producer Nicole Kleeman on gaining access to the secretive retailer



Nikki Grahame: Who Is She?, Channel 4

A personal promise was at the heart of this intimate doc says executive producer Ollie Durrant


strength_limitless_104_cp17554_r_5fe18e5a (1)

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, Disney+

Arif Nurmohamed on how to make internal battles and healthy living advice visually gripping