A Dutch start-up founded by four former Philips engineers was this week showcasing glasses-free 3D technology at the IFA consumer electronics trade show.

Dimenco used the Berlin exhibition to reveal a working prototype of a 56-inch lenticular screen that displays a stereo image using small, interlaced lenses or strips that refract the left and right image for each eye.

The 3,840 x 2,160-pixel technology was originally developed by Philips, but subsequently dropped in 2009. It has now been licensed to Dimenco and Philips is a partner in its development.

Dimenco predicts that the technology could come to the consumer market by 2013. Professional monitors for digital signage, cinemas and casinos will be available “within months”.

Chief executive Maarten Tobias said: “We expect consumers to experience 3D digital photo frames, without the need to wear glasses, soon. 3D TV will take a couple of years still to further optimise the technology.”