Content processing and digital media company Re:fine has launched a service aimed at helping production companies, distributors and post houses meet the DPP’s incoming requirements for the file-based delivery of programmes.

The new service is headed up by Matt Goble, Re:fine’s senior solutions architect and has been created to enable content owners to create DPP deliverables from any input source within 24 hours.

Technology invested in the new service includes a £120,000 upgrade of its Telestream Vantage system and the purchasing of new licences of Vidchecker, Aspera and EFF from Emotion Systems. 

Re:fine chief executive Symon Roue said: “The market doesn’t seem to feel confident about meeting the new compliance but our message is to relax, delivering to the DPP spec is straight forward, it’s just like delivering to iTunes, Netflix or any other file based platform and that is the core of our business.”