Goldcrest Post London has refurbished its theatre 4 with the addition of a new mixing desk, server and projectors.

A new 32-fader Digidesign Icon HD 6 mixing desk has been installed along with a Video Cube HD media server, HD projector and Millenia Microphone amplifiers.

The new kit will enable Goldcrest to offer more extensive high-quality mixing services to the television sector in addition to its existing feature clients.

In addition, each of the facility's 60 rooms will be able to route to a media server enabling clients to view their content in HD or SD on large in-room screens, thereby eliminating the need for HD VTR hire.

TV work completed by the company includes Doctor Who and the second series of the Tudors. Both were for the BBC.

The Icon console was sold into Goldcrest by Scrub, a division of HHB.