Grass Valley has developed a camera base station and cradle for 4K production over IP. 

The XCU Universe UXF base stations support Grass Valley’s LDX 86 and LDX 86N Series high-speed cameras each with up to 6X speed operation, 4K capability and 15 F-stops of HDR.

It will enable the output of video formats over IP including TR-03 and TR-04 which are part of the proposed SMPTE standard 2110. It can also output SDI. The UXF cradle also adds IP interfacing and 12G SDI connectivity.

“We have a number of customers who are already embracing the benefits of IP-based networks to improve performance and efficiency,” said Neerav Shah, senior vice president of strategic marketing. “The XCU Universe UXF supports the high bandwidth needs of increasingly prevalent 4K video and IP networks while also delivering maximum production flexibility with hybrid SDI/IP features.”

Like Sony and various other manufacturers, Grass Valley is also highlighting HDR capture and conversion capability.

In order to support a mixture of HDR and SDR content, the firm has integrated HDR ‘up-mapping’ capabilities into new Densité UHD-3901-UC conversion cards.

“The ability to mix HDR content with SDR content and graphics created by legacy solutions is critical to broadcasters looking to create high-quality content for their viewers,” said Shah. “Broadcasters need solutions that make the conversion and up-mapping process simple and seamless, and Grass Valley has provided just that while continuing to develop technology to integrate multi-format content even more smoothly.”

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