London post facility Hackenbacker has provided the audio post on inserts for the first-ever live 3D opera which will TX on Sky this evening.

The English National Opera’s Lucrezia Borgia is being shown on Sky Arts 2, Sky 3D and in selected cinemas around the UK.

Hackenbacker teamed up with director Mike Figgis to post produce the audio on the pre-recorded inserts that will be shown during the live TX.

Sound mixer and Hackenbacker director, Nigel Heath, who worked with Figgis on Leaving Las Vegas and Hotel, said: “Mike prepared the audio at his personal studio, then he and I mixed it together here in our Neve equipped Studio One.

“We generated separate stem mixes to allow discrete feeds for different speaker positions in the auditorium ‘on the night’. Sub woofer tracks for the thunder, which features throughout, also add to the experience. We later provided a 5.1 mix for the Sky transmission.”