Turkish OB company HD Protek has installed a Calrec Summa audio console as part of an upgrade to its HDP 04 outside broadcast (OB) unit.

It is the first Summa console to be sold to the Turkish OB market. HDP 04 was upgraded by systems integrator Teratek, and its first live broadcast was The Voice Turkey.

“We have a busy and dynamic production schedule, and the Summa saves our sound engineer a lot of time and effort,” said Yucel Ozacar, general manager of HD Protek.

“The Summa is flexible, reliable, and easy to operate, and its powerful features streamline the audio workflow. 

“Knowing that we can easily track the signal and that the console will work without question is a big comfort to us. Also, the Summa adds a powerful new audio-mixing option to our fleet, so we can handle more complex shows more easily.”