Absolute Post is the visual effects company behind the Channel 4 promo in which a double decker bus jumps through a ring of fire.

4Creative approached the Soho facility to assist in the realisation of an ambitious script which juxtaposes a mundane scene against a spectacular stunt.

The spot sees two deadpan bus passengers having a discussion about Channel 4's new ‘Watch On Line' service.

The ad is so pared back that one asks where all the ‘clever bits' are. At which, the bus performs a high-octane leap through a ring of fire.

Absolute had six days to create the effect. The team built and animated the leaping bus in 3D using Maya.

Several plates of the road were shot where cars were rocked to show the impact of the bus' landing.

Dust particles and other such embedding devices were also shot in-camera.

With just six days between wrapping the shoot and being on-air, Absolute worked closely with the director and his team in order to achieve the finished promo.

Selected credits

  • Post Production: Absolute

  • 3D: Richard Nelson

  • Flame: Pheng, Nathan Kane and Peter Smith

  • Combustion: Daniel Leatherdale

  • Agency: 4Creative

  • Creatives: Brett Foraker

  • Production Company: 4Creative

  • Director: Tom Tagholm

  • Production Company Producer: Gwilym Gwillim

  • Audio: Grand Central