Freeview managing director Ilse Howling is confident that half of all UK homes will be able to get HD services on Freeview by the time the football World Cup kicks off in June.

During a presentation at the DTG Summit last week (Friday 5 March) she also predicted that 90% of the UK would be able to get HD on Freeview in time for the 2012 London Olympics.

Howling was also very bullish about the impact and success of Freeview.

She said: “Until Freeview arrived, digital TV was starting to plateau. Now 14 of the 15 most watched channels are on Freeview. We’ve had really strong sales for Freeview+, with 2.1m so far and three quarters sitting on the main set. It took Sky six years to achieve what Freeview has done in two to three.”

According to Howling, Freeview is now the main TV receiving device in 10 million homes. 18 million devices have been sold in total.

The combined sales value of all Freeview equipment that has been connected to a signal is £2bn. 

HD services have recently started rolling out on Freeview, runninh in parallel to digital switchover.

Howling revealed that research had suggested that a “quarter of Freeview homes are interested in getting Freeview HD.”

While discussing Project Canvas she said: “I welcome Canvas. The ability to use your kit to provide a broadband service alongside linear TV is a natural progression. Two maybe three million Freeview main-set homes will be interested in a Canvas offer. There still be a good portion that will be happy with what Freeview has to offer.”