Hewlett Packard's chief technologist has been offering IPTV advice to network operators and broadcasters ahead of his presentation at the Broadcast Technology Summit.

Talking to a group of fellow technologists at a Broadcast organised debate, Tim Marsden argued that companies racing to provide live content over the internet may be missing a trick.

“What is the network and broadband suitable for? It's not that suitable for sports and news and live programming,” explained Marsden. “Where the network operators come in is on the intelligence side. They have a massive customer base. They can gather a lot of intelligence. They can profile people. They should be able to get their business intelligence from [things like] quad-play and use it to see what people watch so that they can target the advertising and the content. This is all around personalisation. Pure content providers don't have that reach.”

Tim Marsden will present the paper “Revolutionising Content Service Industries with IT” at the Broadcast Technology Summit at Bafta on 19 June.