The IABM (International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers) is to launch an online training curriculum.

The extension of the IABM Training Academy’s classroom-based courses will be launched via the IABM’s website in late spring.

It will include online versions of existing courses as well as new material developed specifically for the web.

IABM training manager Steve Warner (pictured) said: “The focus this year is on expansion and regionalisation and the entire website is being developed to provide configurable and customisable interfaces with more local content.

“As part of this globalisation strategy, the Training Academy will also be delivering its courses to a worldwide audience through the new virtual facility.”

The IABM Training Academy currently offers 17 different classroom-based courses looking at a range of areas, from the protocols of streaming video across IP networks, to broadcast technology workflows.

Since it launched in 2011 it has delivered training modules in the UK as well as in South Africa, Singapore, and Germany.

Warner added: “We have developed our course portfolio to reflect the needs of the entire broadcast industry.

“We work with all areas of the market to identify skills gaps and use experts in those relevant fields to design and deliver training that will address any outstanding needs.

“While businesses recognise the importance of training in our industry, one of the challenges we have found is companies being able to release staff to attend training courses.

“The virtual programme provides an alternative option and we are also looking at making some of our classroom-based training programmes more modularised, for example dividing a two day course into three or four shorter sessions.

“This is a pivotal year for the academy which will see us become truly global with more training opportunities in the classroom, on-site and online.”