Low-cost capture is an area that Christina Fox, managing director of camera training company Urban Fox, will be keeping a particular eye out for.

“I am always really keen to walk extensively around the halls, where you can find the little companies that don't have the marketing muscle of Sony or Autodesk. They can really surprise you,” she says.

Fox says it will be difficult to know what the themes of the show will be this year, although 3D is destined to be centre-stage. “There do tend to be yearly themes,” she notes. “Three years ago it was LED lighting, two years ago there was a proliferation of wireless cameras.”

This will be Christina's fifth turn at IBC's What Caught My Eye conference sessions, and believes she has been repeatedly asked back because she is an independent voice in a world of vested interests.

“They are keen to get a balance and broadcasters [such as the BBC] can't be seen to endorse products, while it is easy for me to talk about the ones I like.”

In terms of low-cost equipment, Fox singles out Convergent Design's tapeless recorder. She saw a dummy model at Broadcast Live & VideoForum 2008 in January and argues that its collaboration with Polecam will satisfy a need for Polecam operators looking to produce quality high-definition pictures.

She is looking out for a tapeless replacement for the JVC HD250 camera, which sits neatly on the shoulder, adding: “Although cameras such as the EX3 do have a shoulder mount, the weight is not evenly distributed between the back end and the front, meaning it can be difficult to carry for long periods of time when filming an observational documentary, for example.”