Selected highlights in the post-production arena from DVS, Da Vinci, Quantel, Lightworks, Filmlight, Xytech and Adobe.
  • A host of post-production equipment manufacturers announced native support for Red camera files at IBC. These included Filmlight with its colour grading system Baselight, DVS for its DI workstation Clipster, da Vinci and the Resolve color grading system and Lightworks, via an optional HD codec pack, for version 1.3 of its editing software. Quantel also revealed Red support via a Red Importer on version 4 of its iQ, eQ and Pablo products.

  • EditShare has released EditShare Flow, an innovation that will help work groups of Avid and Apple editors whose media is not compatible. Flow offers ingest and browse capabilities integrated with the EditShare Storage, XStream and Ark solutions. It is able to ingest material from just about any source and make it available to users for immediate production regardless of platform and editing application. It outputs to Apple Pro Res, and Avid, MXF, as well as low proxy formats.

  • Da Vinci has unveiled a new version of the Resolve R-series digital enhancement suite designed to meet the challenges of stereoscopic 3D processing. Based on da Vinci's C.O.R.E. technology, the Resolve R-3D enables colorists to exercise maximum creativity while performing in-context grading. The R-3D features an expanded toolset that automates and simplifies the copying of grades required for working in 3-D, making grading in 3-D a more interactive experience. The company also unveiled its new Resolve R-100, a cheaper version of the Resolve R-series family of digital mastering suites designed for boutique post houses, production studios and broadcasters.

  • Harris showed off a 3 Gb/s video input module for its Videotek TVM and VTM product ranges at IBC. Enabling monitoring of the new progressively scanned, high frame-rate HD formats, including 1080p the OPT-3GB can be inserted into existing TVM and VTM products and enables broadcast and cable engineers to monitor very high-bandwidth 1080p signals, which are double the data rate of existing HD formats like 720p and 1080i.

  • Quantel has secured sole worldwide distribution rights to 3ality's new 3flex Stereo Image Processor for stereoscopic 3D work. The SIP2100 can analyse and, in some cases, correct the most common stereo 3D faults. It has applications right throughout the production chain - in acquisition, editing and deliverables.

  • Xytech Systems has unveiled an end-to-end media business workflow system for use in production, post-production, broadcasting, and content distribution. The new Service Request module allows internal and external users to web browse for both physical and digital assets in the Xytech library and either request a media asset and/or specify work that needs to be done to the content based on entered specifications. This request is then transformed by Xytech into a work order/project that includes the scheduling of people, equipment and rooms, as well as estimated costs and completion time.

  • Adobe used IBC to provide a sneak peek at the new features offered by the video products within the company's forthcoming Creative Suite 4 collection. Improvements include better integration with Premiere Pro, roundtrip editing between AE and Soundbooth, a new cartoon filter than turns clips into animated movies and free bundling of Imagineer System's 2.5D tracking application Mocha-AE. More.

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